Executive Director

Hazel Da Breo, PhD. | Executive Director & Founder

Hazel Da Breo is a Psychotherapist and Child Protection Specialist. She is Co-Founder and Director of the Sweet Water Foundation which is headquartered in Toronto with a sister branch in Grenada. She is a contributing author to the first scholastic text on “Child Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean Understanding Child Sexual Abuse: Perspectives from the Caribbean”, (2013) A.D. Jones ed., and will co-author two further texts in the series (to be published 2014 and 2015, Palgrave McMillan).

Along with running a private practice where she serves a large international clientele, Hazel works as a senior consultant to several UN agencies, and consistently attends to her own, on-going professional development, most recently with the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. She served on the Board of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy, 2006-2007.

In Grenada, Hazel served as Clinical Supervisor of the Psychosocial Department, Legal Aid and Counseling Clinic, for over six years.