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Sweet Water Foundation operates a free, online, confidential, and anonymous service for talking about sex, with a focus on stopping sexual practices which may harm a child.

Talking about sex is never easy, especially when you care about the people involved. But if you are worried or concerned about a situation that just does not feel right, or if you want to know how to help prevent sexual abuse before it ever happens, then let’s talk.

Telephone: 473-800-4444

WhatsApp Text: 473-537-STOP (7867)

Email: Helpline@Sweetwaterfoundation.ca

Sweet Water Foundation works with parents, caregivers, teachers, and other adults to learn what can be done to help keep a child safe from sexual harm. We help adults help a child when there are signs of sexual abuse or potential abuse.  We work with children who have been abused, and with their families.  We work with youth who have questions about their sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and adults who have concerns about a child who may be at risk to sexually harm another child.  We also work with people who have sexually abused a child and are worried about offending again.

Our Helpline is a confidential, anonymous counseling service. Adults and children are equally encouraged to call.

Our aim is to PREVENT children from being abused.

Note that this is not the number to call if you want to report a crime which has occurred. To report a crime, you must contact the Child Protection Authority’s Hotline. In Grenada: 473-435-0293 or 473-440-6980

  • If you feel uneasy about what child abuse is;
  • if you are uneasy about an adult’s interest in a child;
  • If you need help figuring out what healthy sexual development is and what it is not;
  • If you are concerned about sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors that pu children at risk of harm including your own:

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